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Aventail is part otter and a Water creature.

Check out design details that make Forge of Honor toys unique

The Targimals began appearing in Colorado when a little girl had trouble going to sleep at night. She cried for help and they heard her call. And those of other children. Today, these fully trained, pint-sized warriors are back! Targimals have pledged to help our children grow in courage, honor and adventure. Their story (once creator Dale…


Limited-edition, hand-pulled silk-screened prints coming soon!

At some point in our crowdfunding campaign to help us decide whether to pursue making Forge of Honor toys, creator Dale Taylor was overwhelmed by the support of friends, family and strangers. Oh so many strangers! He was moved to add a very special bonus at every support level: A limited-edition, hand-pulled, silk-screened print of…


Introducing…. Patterrann, a new Targimal inspired by our supporters

A funny thing happened during our Kickstarter campaign. Of course we were overjoyed by the number of new friends and fans we made who came to love the Targimals and Forge of Honor. And for fun, we upped the ante and offered color twists on some of the Targimals if we hit certain funding goals….


Tools for Young Heroes:

Our new store is alive! Go on, take a peek ↓↓↓